Danish DeeJay Awards 2011 Photos

Photos by Pia Bjerreskov & Uffe Kongsted

Euroman / Alt for damerne – Photoshoots

Check out two new photoshoots. Camille poses in various dresses for Euroman as well as Alt for Damerne magazines.

Beauty tips

In the current issue of Denmark’s IN magazine, Camille reveals some beauty tips, like her favourite moisturizing oil from Rudolph Care. Click the thumbnails to read the page (Thanks Rudolph Care).

MTV Transistor interview with the Sjus crew

And here’s an interview with 3/4 of the Sjus-crew (Camille, Ida Corr & Kato) at MTV Denmark’s Transistor.

Kato, Camille Jones og Ida Corr, som står bag mega-hittet “Sjus” har været forbi studiet.

MTV Transistor interview

Watch a new interview for MTV Denmark’s “Transistor”. Click the picture to see two videos.

“Mattias får sig en snak med Camille Jones om hendes nye album “Did I Say I Love You”.”

Discolized 2.0 Tour in Holstebro


Camille will be performing in Holstebro, Denmark tonight alongside Kato, Ida Corr, Johnson, Clemens,  Jon Norgaard, Brandon Beal and Lina Rafn (Infernal) at Kato’s Discolized 2.0 Tour.

Prior to the concert, Camille did a short interview for Dagbladet. She speaks about Holstebro, the tour and her favourite music at the moment.

7 days in Camille’s life – Part 2

Camille has posted more blog entries on Alt for Damerne’s website. Read a short summary in English:

Day 4 is workout day: Camille wants to run 7 km today, cause she has to win this bet. Funny that a competition animates her to do things.

On Day 5 she speaks about the grey winter and that she can’t wait for spring to come. It’s almost driving her mad! Come on, spring!

Day 6: Camille is on the road again. It’s weekend and she’s on the way to another job. A club performance in Kolding and then in Slagelse. Her friend Katrina is her driver for the weekend.

Sjuuuuuuss!!! On Day 7 Ida Corr and Camille Jones perform their hit song at the Zulu Awards 2011. Camille loves her friendship with Ida. It’s a magical thing, when they get together – no matter if they’re at home dressed in baggy pants or in Ibiza on a party. It’s like they are  teenagers again, laughing, giggling and partying!

How to live a healthy life

In her latest interview with Alt For Damerne Camille shares her ways of how to live a healthy life.

She never eats ketchup, butter and remoulade and sometimes she spends an “indulge day” at the spa with her friend. Camille loves to hear the comedy radio show Sproghjørnet (Language Corner, DR) during her workout at the fitness center.

But she also reveals that she can’t resist her selfmade Spaghetti with a glass of redwine – Camille has to cook this dish at least one time in a week!

Read the original article (Danish) here.

7 days in Camille’s life

Camille is a guest blogger at ALT for damerne, a Danish magazine. She has already written the first 3 days. 4 more are following in the following days.

On Day 1 Camille tells everybody how fed up she is with the cold weather. So she starts to plan her summer vacation! She’s looking forward to hot summer nights in Ibiza.

Day 2: Camille has gained 5000 friends on Facebook. But there’s one guy who seems to be interesting for her.

On Day 3 Camille was surprised and overwhelmed during her work out, when a fan requested to sign all her CD’s – literally almost all her CD’s, she has ever released (see attached photo).

Go to ALT for damerne’s website to read Camille’s guest blog. You can also read an interview with her in the current issue of the ALT magazine.

Sjus @ Zulu Awards 2011 – Video

Finally  here’s a video of “Sjus” live at the Zulu Awards 2011, performed by Kato, Camille Jones and Ida Corr.

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