7 days in Camille’s life – Part 2

Camille has posted more blog entries on Alt for Damerne’s website. Read a short summary in English:

Day 4 is workout day: Camille wants to run 7 km today, cause she has to win this bet. Funny that a competition animates her to do things.

On Day 5 she speaks about the grey winter and that she can’t wait for spring to come. It’s almost driving her mad! Come on, spring!

Day 6: Camille is on the road again. It’s weekend and she’s on the way to another job. A club performance in Kolding and then in Slagelse. Her friend Katrina is her driver for the weekend.

Sjuuuuuuss!!! On Day 7 Ida Corr and Camille Jones perform their hit song at the Zulu Awards 2011. Camille loves her friendship with Ida. It’s a magical thing, when they get together – no matter if they’re at home dressed in baggy pants or in Ibiza on a party. It’s like they are  teenagers again, laughing, giggling and partying!


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