7 days in Camille’s life

Camille is a guest blogger at ALT for damerne, a Danish magazine. She has already written the first 3 days. 4 more are following in the following days.

On Day 1 Camille tells everybody how fed up she is with the cold weather. So she starts to plan her summer vacation! She’s looking forward to hot summer nights in Ibiza.

Day 2: Camille has gained 5000 friends on Facebook. But there’s one guy who seems to be interesting for her.

On Day 3 Camille was surprised and overwhelmed during her work out, when a fan requested to sign all her CD’s – literally almost all her CD’s, she has ever released (see attached photo).

Go to ALT for damerne’s website to read Camille’s guest blog. You can also read an interview with her in the current issue of the ALT magazine.


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